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I was sitting in Ann Sokolowski’s beginner knitting class when a voice piped up within me saying: “I want to write about Ann!” I almost turned around in my chair to see who was speaking into my ear, so crystal clear was that inner voice.

Nothing could have surprised me more. At the time, I considered myself neither a knitter nor a writer – how could I possibly entertain the idea of writing a book about knitting? Furthermore, I hardly even knew Ann – and I should write about her?

What was this all about? I resisted the idea for about a month, but the voice would not be denied, and I began to write the notes that eventually turned into a book called “Follow the Yarn.”

I surrendered to the project and I followed where it led me. And lead me it did, in a totally surprising direction. Amazingly, the yarn led back to me. Ann was an unlikely angel, my own personal ‘Clarence,’ who led me to a long-awaited healing and a realization that it is, indeed, a wonderful life.

Through the act of sharing my truth through writing, I began to learn who I really am. That inner voice knew something I didn’t know when it prodded me to embark on this project that led me on a journey from knitting to self-discovery.

Sure, I had already written a children’s book, The Compost Heroes, but somehow that wasn’t the same. With Follow the Yarn, I became a writer. Writing became a vehicle through which I discover my truth.

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